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For high impact areas in chutes, conveying areas, slides etc...

  • Can be welded, studded, countersunk holed.
  • Plasma Cut to close tolerances.
  • Thickness 12mm and 20mm.
  • Non-Magnetic.
  • The work-hardening capability renews itself throughout in-service life. The underlayers not work-hardened maintain an excellent resistance to shock.
  • For normal sliding abrasion areas, our Rio-Carb Chromium Carbide (CrC) liners are supreme


  • Crusher jaws
  • Grizzly, screen, stone chutes and shredder plates
  • Shovel buckets
  • Chain conveyor parts
  • Liner of shot-blasting units
  • Mixer paddle (impact areas)
  • Hammer mills
  • Low coefficient of friction in metal-to-metal applications


  • AFNOR: X120Mn13

Welding Procedures

  • Do not Preheat (weld cold)
  • Use Stainless steel welding consumables (i.e.: 301, 310, 316, etc)
  • User stringer weld beads
  • Allow to cool rapidly