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How strong is the bonding of the CrC to Mild Steel?

Alloy additions and a controlled cooling rate allow rolling of pipes and cyclones down to diameter 350mm. This is usually an endorsement of the bonding.
How much impact can it take?
CrC is not designed for direct impact, especially large (direct) particles. This is better with 14% Manganese steel. But provided the particles are not over 50mm and falling from only 2m the wear rate is satisfactory. It is therefore suitable for most impact applications.
What thicknesses are available, and plate size?
From 6mm (3/3) to 30mm (20/10) in plates of 1.5 x 3.0m = 4.5m²
How is the plate welded?
The backing (M.S.) is fully weldable with MIG or mild steel electrodes. Should there be "contamination" from cutting the CrC surface, stainless steel (304) electrodes should be used. See Joint Designs in CrC Long-Life Parts. Full codings and A.W.S. procedures are used.